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Family Private Charter Yacht In Virgin Islands 

Customize Your Family 7 star Crewed All Inclusive Luxury Vacation To Caribbeans 


Secrets Of Booking A Perfect Safe Family Tailored Made Sea Vacation On A Private Yacht Revealed 

28TH September, 2021 |Kamlesh Patel

Ever looked for the prefect safe vacation with the family but wanted something for every member while having the privacy and luxury 

Have you ever looked for the prefect holiday with the family only to be disappointed. You want to relax and enjoy your well earned holiday, while you don't want to worry about keeping your children entertained or finding things for them to do. Not only you want to build memory's with the family and not the ones where the children are moaning all the time. You want to see more and explore whats to offer, all in the comfort of knowing you are still going to have that 7 star experience. With Covid-19 you want make sure that your vacation will be safe and whats more secure then spending time a extremely clean yacht with the people who you know who are covid 19 free. With a private Yacht holiday all your problems can be solved. Not only that but you want to make sure everything is set up and planned for you, meaning you can have a hassle luxury vacation.  

With Ocean Scape Yachts they will be able to design your perfect private yacht vacation. There dedicated Travel ambassadors will work with you to plan and build your yacht experience.  

Benefits for booking your next trip on a private Yacht

You get to experience the ultimate privacy, unlike any other holiday be it a cruise ship, Yachts are an entirely different level of luxury. The freedom is exquisite. You’ll speak to your captain each day about the itinerary, you can change your mind whenever you like, and above all, there are none of those awful orange boats bringing you back from a shore excursion when you’re simply not ready to leave. Don’t forget that the private yachts can get into the shallow anchorages and pretty marinas that cruise ships can’t hope to.

Safety from mixing with other people who may not be vaccinated  

With Covid 19 and going on holiday you never know if the person staying in your hotel has Covid 19. With this how can you ever be safe and relax knowing that the person next to you could have Coivd 19. That is why more then ever it is so much safe to have your holiday on a private yacht, knowing the people you are enjoying the holiday with is safe. for the whole vacation you can stay with your bubble and not have to interact with others.  You do not have to worry about the person next to you. All the yachts are very well cleaned and the crew will be tested before hand. 

The privacy is the most important part and with a yacht you get it 

Yacht charter holidays offer the best level of privacy. A boat is yours and your guests' alone, so you will not have to share a sunchair, a cocktail, a jacuzzi, or bump into strangers. Your guests and you will have ample space to relax, unwind, or entertain on a yacht. There is no doubt that everyone will be entertained with the fantastic amenities offered by charter yachts!

What the flexibility to choose want you want to do any given day

Vacations on a private yacht provide the most flexibility. No matter whether you want to sunbathe on the sundeck, go swimming, snorkel, play with the water toys, explore the surrounding area, anchor in a cove, or step ashore for a stroll or shopping, yacht charter holidays give you the freedom to choose your own path. You can choose to explore remote coves, discover the Carabbean hotspots, or do a bit of both! Yacht charter vacations give you the chance to make the most of each moment. You’re loving this snorkelling spot? It's okay if the Captain weighs anchor without you. Want to spend more time on shore? No problem, the boat's tender will pick you up when you're ready. You can postpone any activity. It’s your vacation, your yacht, your way.

Want to explore different islands

With the Carabbean charter yacht vacations, you can experience multiple locations without packing and unpacking your suitcase each time you move. Visiting islands that are only accessible by boat will also provide you with an opportunity to see some untouched landscapes. The Captain will take you to your next dream anchorage as you lie back and enjoy the sun. Your Captain might make an overnight cruise so that you wake up at a different location just in time to swim (or have breakfast) if you don't want to sail during the day.

Don't want to worry about the service you will receive 

In hotels that have exceptionally well-trained staff, you are one of hundreds of clients. You'll always have access to the professional services of a knowledgeable crew during your yacht charter holidays.A private Chef is particularly great (some Chefs have worked in some of the world's greatest restaurants). The yacht Chef will be informed about your food preferences (and eventual allergies/diets) before leaving the shores and will then prepare delicious meals for you to enjoy during your yacht rental vacation.

The children will experience one of there best vacation of there life's 

Depending on what your children like there will be something for any age  

Boredom - No its not going to happen Children will love learning about marine life, boats, geography, oceanography. For the older children the teenagers they can have the option to jet-skiing, water skiing, standup paddleboarding, hover boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving and handling a boat. 

hildren might like catching fish from the swim platform at night, dangling their feet in the water and seeing the fish swim about in the yacht’s glowing underwater lights. If they’d enjoy midnight swims and picnics on the beach, or chatting to the captain in the bridge as he drives the yacht through the darkness to the next exciting destination.

Want to do something different you can arrange with the crew to set up a treasure hunt on the Yacht or want to spend a day on shore you will have plenty of things to do with lots of islands to choose from. From Zip lining on St. Thomas to visiting the Childrens Museum

Of course for those lazy days or evening where you want to watch a movie of your choice. Grab your popcorn get comfortable and watch a movie on a big screen. 

Why pick the Virgin island of all place you can travel to 

Long a private yacht charter haven, US Virgin Islands are blessed with a year-round pleasant climate and clear blue waters

There’s a bit of everything all around the virgin Island. Ancient ruins vie with cosmopolitan cities for your attention, while the whole is tied together with that pristine, sparkling water. Deep, lush rainforest tumbles down island slopes to turquoise waters; not just on the main islands of St Thomas, St John and St Croix, but across the whole spread of islets, providing more photo opportunities than you could possibly take advantage of on a single trip.

Cost of a Private yacht is cheaper then you think

If you go and book a vacation trip to Barbados you will be looking to spend an average of $300 per person per pay, which for a average family of 4 would be $1200 a day or $8400 a week. an average all inclusive holiday crewed private yacht cost about $10,000 per week. So for a little extra goes a long way. However as yacht start from being able to sleep 8 people, so if you decide to go with a another family or invite some friends the cost for the yacht will stay the same. this would mean you are able to have a luxury yacht holiday for cheaper then a 1 week holiday to Barbados.